161343_1416108124_2412874_n Rosa Ramos Frigola (Figueres, Spain 1970)  Columnist, writes  in Catalan, Spanish and French. She published the column «Espines i flors” (Thorns and Flowers) for the weekly Veu de Sóller (Sóller, Balearic Islands) and for the weekly Empordà (Girona-Figueres). She has also published editorials, news and literary articles online in  literary magazines from Latin America as  “El bolígrafo”,” Letralia”,” Destiempos” and “Cañasanta” Xarnegos

Some of her poems have been published in the collection  “Charnegos-Xarnegos” Antologia poètica  by  Sial Editors from Madrid. The book puts on the line the particularity of poets living in Catalonia-Spain writing in both languages, catalan and spanish. Club Dante

After what she tried a literary experiment with some friends in PROSIA  a book written in prose and poetry at the same time titled “El Club Dante y su misión Estelar”  by  PARNASS EDICIONES from Barcelona In May 2011

She also self-published the brief collection “Biofotogenèsi Poètica”  in Catalan (Poetic Biophotogenesis) by Espinayflor Writings. The book is another literary experiment a combination of science and poetry. The main topic is about light and effects on the nature, and on the mankind. She thinks it’s probably too experimental, there is only one copy then she decided to withdraw it from sale. Then she does some translations into French for Spanish Poets friends of hers from Majorca. José Vidal Valicourt and José Ramón Caubet Rovira not published yet apart from this website. In March 2013 the French translation of Mois Benarroch’s poems are published by Moben TRADUCCIÓN

In 2021 she participates as contributor in the Spanish version of «De la resurrección de los muertos» of Menasseh ben Israel, translated by Walter Hilliger, and published by Shehakol.

De la resurreccion de los muertos- portada

On this page you can find editorials, interviews, children’s stories, poetry, and translations in Catalan, Spanish and French. And some attempts to write in English as well. Welcome to the Espinayflor’s World!

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