Sonnets To The Earth

18 febrero 2014

Ian Stewart Black

I – Dawn

A shimmering epiphany of gold
Erupting from the heart of night; a rose
Whose glinting petals over all unfold
To wake a world of beauty in repose.
Elusive riches of the day distilled:
Dissevered from the formless void of time;
Ethereal made tangible – unwilled,
Unbidden, unbridled – and yet sublime.
A moment’s meaning stolen from the dim
Uncertainty of life: a chance to lose,
Amid a lustrous morning’s breath, the grim
Awareness that we walk in dead men’s shoes.
The dawn is nature’s doting soul unfurled:
A light of reverence cast o’er the world.

II – Earth

Fertility and fruitless acres, still
Amid cyclonic history – whose gust
Is master over man, but not the will
Of lordless kingdoms wakened from the dust.
The earth arises in defiant spires,
With man as ever laying claim to his:
We revel, live, and die in our desires

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Ian Steward Black

7 septiembre 2013

Ian Steward Black

Hace un par de días descubrí a un joven talento inglés, no le pedí permiso pero traduje un poema suyo al español espero que no se moleste si me lee.

A couple of days ago I discovered a young English talent, did not ask permission to  translate one of his poems into Spanish hope he do not mind if he read it.

Original poem by Ian Steward Black

We wayward heirs
Are each an ember,
Risen skyward
From the ashes of
A better world.

Cast over oceans,
At the mercy
Of the winds of fate;
And if we fall,
We fall together.

Translation into Spanish by Rosa Ramos (Espinayflor Writings)

Nosotros somos herederos caprichosos
somos cada cual un ascua,
ascendiendo hacia el cielo
De las cenizas de
Un mundo mejor.

Moldeadas sobre los océanos,
A merced
De los vientos del destino;
Y si caemos,
Caemos juntos.