The clock rings
at 6 am
get up even asleep,
take a shower,
take a coffee
trying to open
your eyes to starting life.

Run to work
Make up on the bus,
you remember
you forget give the keys
to the maid,
you can’t do your homework,
and now not even her.

Start working,
you can’t do a brake,
broke your meals,
just take another coffee
to remplace.

Breath just a little moment
before talking with your boss
about holidays,
about paying
about your needs of power,
never reached.

He say yes to everything,
and two seconds after
he forgets promises.
You trust, you wait.

The afternoon comes
still working,
answering phones,
tapping on excel or word,
going from repport to repport
throught your growing anxiety.

At last you go back home
nervous, you can’t relax
your mind,
streesed you try to finish
working in your head
but you can’t.

Even you dream of
every simple
detail of work.
Having a fast pace of life
like the racing of your heart
that stoping quickly
without notice
thanks to
a heart attack.

Rosa Ramos- 25-09-2011